Web design studio
Web planning/development/
operation (contracting)

Creating websites and contents is not the end.
Tuning based on PDCA is essential for delivering accurate information, services, and products to target users.
From the planning phase, which is the beginning of “development”, we, Globe Tales, will work together with the client to explore the entire information design workflow with a produced approach and work to maximize the effect.

(Hearing/Data analysis/
Competition survey/Planning)
(Information update/
additional content creation/repair)

Globe Tales has a flexible system from single-shot web campaigns to medium- to large-scale corporate sites, from scratch coding to CMS construction to operation, and we request outsourcing according to the project size and client needs.

Amana Co., Ltd.
Yuta Nakamura

We were in a situation where internal resource supplementation could not keep up with the speed of new orders. So we talked to Globe Tales about outsourcing.
They have excellent directors, designers, and coders, so I was able to leave the project with confidence.

A certain IT company
Web production department
Mr. N

The President of Grove Tales attended a class I am doing at the Graduate School of Digital Hollywood University, and this led me to consult on website creation. I thought that Mr. Globe Tales was a web design company, but he had a sense of not only organizing the concept but also the text, and he also had a good understanding of the system and suggested from a comprehensive perspective. I am grateful to have a nice website that is a little more luxurious for a small consulting company.

Media Forum Co., Ltd.
Naohiko Sasaki

Thank you for your business card design and website creation. It’s hard to express, but I think the best part here is that you don’t sell your senses. The homepage is the “face” of the company, so I think it is important that you convey your personality, whether good or bad. Even if I make a stretched page full of taste, I do not know what the person who works there is for a simple uncle. In that regard, here we were able to create a convincing page with respect for the individuality of our amateurs, as well as advice that was not too hard to impose. I am satisfied with the ease of use, which is said to be an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand home page for my colleagues in the same industry. As a matter of course, there is no anxiety or dissatisfaction with after-sales service, so you can work with confidence.

Oshige Skin Clinic
Mr. Shigenori Muramatsu

Previously, I asked for the creation of the HP, and again when I renewed last year. We have responded to various requests and have created a wonderful company site. I am very grateful that the number of customers has increased more than before.

Hotel ShikinoKura
Hiroki Miura