Notice of recruitment of external partners

Mar 09, 2020

We are engaged in contract production of domestic corporate content as our main business, but it is becoming difficult to respond only by in-house production as the number of various types of production consultation increases.
Therefore, we are looking for production partners (corporations/individuals) who can support production from outside.
If you have the following skills and achievements, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Consultation is here

Application example)
・Web designer with a wealth of experience in corporate homepage design
・Web designer who can also art direction
・Front engineer who is good at JS programming
・Markup engineer who is good at responsive coding
・A front engineer who is familiar with CMS customization such as WordPress and Shopify
・Planners who are familiar with cross-border EC management (those who are good at English)

! Please contact us and we will contact you after consideration. (Not all replies are required.)